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B D Patil & Company -Since 1932

About Us

In the year 1932, Late Shri B. D. Patil founded B. D Patil and Company in a town called Byadgi. Since then the reigns of the organisation have been passed over three generations and we are North Karntaka’s leading family owned trading and processing company in agricultural commodity chilli.

The traditional beliefs and knowledge form the roots of our organisation while we continue to expand by inculcating the latest in technology and business. Through our well developed business practices we enable our customers achieve distinct competitive advantage, by providing them high quality red chillies at the most feasible price.

The capacity to store red chillies at our cold storage installations makes it possible for us to supply chillies in the shortest time possible throughout the year. Further we also have an in-house laboratory where we can measure colour, moisture and other parameters; this helps in ensuring that the chillies we provide adhere to the requirements of our customers.

Additionally we also posses the infrastructure and machinery to provide our customers with red chilli powder and chilli seeds. The chilli powder we offer is manufactured using the latest technology and machinery to meet the highest level of hygiene as required in food and beverage industry.

We also have a wide range of processed products such as chili powder, turmeric powder, corriander powder and masala’s which are packed in our Hubli unit.

Though we believe that a lot has been achieved, we are guided continually by our mission to retain the position of being most preferred and reliable supplier of red chillies.

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About Byadgi Chilli Market

Byadgi is a town situated in Haveri district of Karnataka state. It is strategically situated at 90 kilometres from the industrial city Hubli, 330 kilometres from the state capital Bengaluru and 600 kms from Mumbai.

Each year about one lakh metric tonnes of chillies is traded worth Rs. 1500crores (approx. $220 Million). Byadgi market is spread over 64 acres of land governed by Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) which is a well known Government of Karnataka body. To maintain the hygiene, whole 64 acres of market is made of concrete.

Byadgi chillies are brought into the market every year by around 15000 - 20000 farmers. The harvesting season is from January to May. The chillies are traded through a fair electronic tendering system in which secrecy is maintained. Over 250 traders quote the tenders in each shop between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The highest bidder is then awarded the lot two hours later at 4:00 pm.

About Byadgi Chilli

In 1492 Columbus embarked upon a journey to find a new sea trade route to the India which was known for its spices. Though the world recognises the fact that this led to discovery of American Continent, very few people acknowledge that this also led to the discovery of new crops. Amongst all the crops, the most important were many varieties of red chillies. Eventually red chillies which were conventionally grown in South America, were cultivated extensively in Europe mainly in Spain and Portugal. Now chilli is being grown in many tropical countries such as India, Nigeria, Mexico, China, Indonesia and South Korea.

The Portuguese seafarer and explorer Vasco da Gama was responsible for bringing red chillies into India. Currently India stands second in the world in terms of chilli production this has been possible due to the favourable climatic conditions and high market demand. Though numerous varieties of chillies are grown in India, amongst them only 5 to 6 are considered as major varieties.

In Karnataka, Bydagi variety chilli is grown in the various districts such as Dharwad, Gadag and Haveri. Districts such as Bellary, Raichur and Gulbarga which were earlier known for producing Guntur variety are also shifting to Byadgi variety as it has higher oleoresin content with an optimal yield of 15-20 quintals per acre. Even in adjacent state Andhra Pradesh it is grown in districts of Karnool and Adhoni. Though you will be able to find trading of all other varities of red chillies at various locations across India, the Byadgi variety is available for trade only in Byadgi and nowhere else. It is famous across the industries for its superior colour and aroma whilst having less pungency. In production of pickles, masala products and chilli powder prefer such characteristics of Byadagi chilli as it allows them to bring out the best colour naturally and at the same time avoid their products being too pungent for consumption.

Byadgi chilli is also heavily used in extraction of oleoresin, a concentrated form of the spice obtained mainly by solvent extraction from the spice. In food and flavour formulations, oleoresins can replace spice powder as it provides standardized & consistent flavour, longer shelf life and are free from microbial contamination. Oleoresins are used as a colouring agent in production of cheese, sauces, spice mixtures and to deepen the colour of egg yolks.

Within Byadgi variety, they are further segregated into Kaddi and Dabbi.


Kaddi Chilli

  • Skin is wrinkled and long and slender in appearance.
  • Dark red in colour with aromatic mild pungency. The ASTA colour value is very high at 200+ with a negligible Capsacin value.
  • Due to its dark red colour similar to the cold drink ''Thumbs Up'' , Kaddi chilli is also popularly known as Thumbs Up variety.

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Dabbi Chilli

  • Skin is thick and wrinkled. In appearance it is fat and about the same length Of all the varities of chillies available in India, Dabbi variety has highest colour and lowest pungency.
  • Also popularly known as Kasmiri Chilli.
  • Has a wonderful taste and aroma.
  • Both Kaddi and Dabbi variety find their application in manufacturing of spice mixtures, pickles due to their rich red colour and low pungency. Such characteristics also make these two varieties the most important raw material in manufacturing of oleoresin.